Stephanie Toombs: Founder – Director



  • We have two experts helping with resumés for our Work Life class.
  • One of our participants who does not have transportation is now employed in a job within walking distance of her home.
  • Another participant is getting help with preps for her GED. We are working side by side to help her meet her goals.
  • As God leads, working together as one initiative with Hope for the Inner City and the Bethlehem Center.


⇒ Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.  ~Isaiah 64:8

⇒ We pray for our prayer partners to be blessed and know they are loved and appreciated (Thank you!)

⇒  For upcoming training for our organization in Work Life site certification in partnership with two local nonprofits.

⇒ For graduation preparation of our Work Life participants next month. Also for the new classes.

⇒ Our church partners: Hickory Valley Christian and Brainerd Baptist. 

⇒ For the possibility o a new site for classes.

⇒ Identifying more business leaders

⇒ For a secretary for our board

⇒ Upcoming meetings

⇒ For our training to be paid for

For faith-based funding to be made available


    Having prayed for over 10 years for a collaborative community effort, last year during COVID was the first time we found earnestness in others joining us. Joining to follow the Lord’s lead in working together with churches and ministries. This year the Lord is bringing us business partners of faith to help in employment, training, and advocacy. The door is opening even more.
     We will be joining Hope for the Inner City and The Bethlehem Center to roll out Work Life Chattanooga and will be training together later this month to work collectively. We are in the process of identifying leaders for certain roles – Business, Administrators, Ally, and Facilitators, and asking the Lord to provide them for our training. 
     The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office will be reopening the Reentry Program at the prison.  Step uP will be presenting one-hour workshops to introduce our program as a choice for release. Obviously, this will require more hands, and Work Life Chattanooga will be training and recruiting for more positions.  
From humble beginnings of providing clothing for the underemployed who attended job training classes, as well as presenting preparation for interviewing seminars, we are entering a more professional role. Changing an image is not an easy task. Please share our website, and tell others what we are doing.  We covet your prayers and your voice.

     The Lord is bringing His body together to help Deborah, our participant, with clothing, resources, personal shopping, a job interview, a possible roommate, and a caseworker.
Another answer to prayer: an open door to possibly become the nonprofit arm of a workforce business. The opportunities are bountiful, and we are very open to how the Lord will guide us.
Silverdale Detention Center will soon be opening up for classes. We have been asked to do workshops to entice those in the Reentry Program to be involved with Step uP as part of their reentry plan to the outside.
     Step uP Chattanooga is participating in a new training initiative that will help us organize our program with local mini