Stephanie Toombs: Founder – Director


  • We have two full classes for Faith & Finance
  • We have two new ministry conncections –Tranformation Project whose director is coming to our class on Tuesday with three participants. Also a leader to our class at Hickory Valley Christian Church.
  • A UTC Professor of Accounting is being trained as a new Facilitator in Faith & Finance. He is very excited about the possibilities.
  • One of our allies will be facilitating on Tuesday. She will have her session videoed. This will complete her course in becoming a certified facilitator. Our board member, Bonita, will be the one videotaping.
  • Donna, from the SDC Reentry Program, is doing well. She loves the Faith & Finance class, attended the church service, and has support from her family. We are pointing her to Christ, giving Him all the credit.
  • We are so thankful for the board members, facilitators, and allies who are stepping out in faith to teach and help in our classes.


⇒ For our Faith & Finance class at the East Ridge campus of Brainerd Baptist this Tuesday at 6 p.

⇒ Our board meeting this Tuesday at noon.

The possibility of a new Faith & Finance class starting at a third church.

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Can you help out with some clothing and accessory needs for Donna? She was just released from Silverdale Detention Center and has nothing.

Clothing sizes – Tall, size 7, medium.
Pants, shirts, jeans, t-shirts, some dresses, etc.
Shoes and socks needed – Size 7.
Gift cards to clothing stores

AND a personal shopper. We would prefer to have her accompanied for any personal shopping.



PRAY WITH US – Continued


Protection from Covid

⇒ Responses are slow with our correspondence classes at Silverdale. Please pray for this to change.

Needs for our office – flooring, desk, shelving, supplies, paint, etc., and the help we need to

⇒ Pray for Donna to see Jesus clearly through each one of us, and for her to continue on the right path. 


We are working out the details so we can begin remodeling our new office. We have the key! We will be sharing the office with the Hispanic Church Leadership Team at the Brainer Baptist Eastridge Campus.

Our participant, Donna, will begin a new job with “Homes Made Ready.” We are grateful that the owners of this business use it for Christian discipleship.

Technically, we already have three Faith & Finance classes when we include The Bethlehem Center. We all trained together and will work together in the future. Work Life will be offered to participants of all three Faith & Finance graduates. This means we will need more facilitators and allies come January!



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