Stephanie Toombs: Founder – Director


TOMORROW IS GIVING TUESDAY. We would so appreciate your consideration, however small, to share your end-of-the-year giving. Step uP has been blessed during the Covid pandemic. We have had more momentum this year than any other year, and will continue to add and expand our classes, certify facilitators, engage more churches and ministries for Alliance, and advance plans for a physical office. It can’t be done without your prayers and support.



  • We have a new facilitator, Kathryn, who will be working with Brainerd Baptist. She is fluent in Spanish and open to bringing a Spanish version of Faith and Finance to the Hispanic campus at Brainerd Baptist (which would like to join us as an ally). Since Kathryn speaks Spanish, this may open an opportunity for the Hispanic pastor at the East Ridge Brainerd Baptist campus to begin classes.
  • We also have a new ally at Hickory Valley Christian Church.


⇒ For our inmates and workers at Silverdale Detention Center (SDC)

⇒ For the transition of SDC to be operating under the Sherriff’s office in January.

⇒ Our correspondence classes — response has been slow. Pray as we send inquiries through our correspondent facilitators.

⇒ Our classes at Brainerd Baptist and Hickory Valley Christian Church, for protection, please.


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