Work Life Classes 

   Much inspired by the revelations of “When Helping Hurts,” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert of the Chalmer’s Center. Work Life is an integrated job-preparedness curriculum. It has been designed specifically for people from backgrounds of generational poverty. In addition to practical job skills, the curriculum empowers participants to shift from a misinformed or negative outlook on the value and purpose of work to how perfectly and positively it exists in God’s perspective

  1. The Work Life Curriculum uses biblical principles, proven job-skills training techniques, and engaging adult learning methods to ensure the participants understand and internalize the information.
  2. Work Life also incorporates mentors, called “Allies,” to provide the relational, friendship support that people so need when trying to make big life changes… and this support is offered for continuation throughout the first six months or year after graduation.
  3. Work Life also collaborates with regional organizations and job sources with the intent to apprise each graduate of a job opportunity, as well as introducing them to available career skills training.

    Participants gain knowledge and understanding which they can use to propel them into the status of a valued employee.

       Work Life Certifed Teachers and Facilitators

Teachers-Facilitators are trained and certified to present the curriculum in an engaging way to class participants. Praying as they present for the Holy Spirit’s reach into each individual life, bringing the transformations only God can do as the truths are received.

Support Allies (mentors) participate in the classroom, building relationships and creating the community of trust with participants (students). Allies’ support subdues the We/They mindset and promotes a “Doing Life Together” mindset. Allies advance with the same group of participants throughout their required 12 sessions of studies.

Allies are especially life-impacting as they are allowed to continue with the participants following graduation, giving the graduate the benefit of ongoing support as s/he makes career advancements and lives a more stable life.

 Faith and Finances Classes

Uniting people from varied backgrounds, Faith & Finances, designed specifically for low-income adults, addresses the challenges the materially poor face, helping them rediscover their God-given dignity while exploring money management skills along with biblical stewardship principles.