God’s Grace
by LaToya Stamper

Young or old,
    Disobedience comes with a price to pay
I’m a walking testimony, a living example
    Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here sharing my poetry with you all today

Locked away temporarily
    Trapped in the horrible place
I‘m free on the inside
    All by God’s grace

In my 30s hidden within myself,
    I finally found my purpose
Ever standing in a spiritual battlefield at war
    This is no playground or with all the clowning, this is no circus . . .

It’s never too late until you’ve taken your final breath
    Take heed. Treat everday like it’s your last
And every choice
    As if it’s a matter of life or death

Be fruitful and enjoy
    The life in abundance God has given you
Remain humble, always abounding.
    Steadfast in all that you do

Even though we’re belittled and looked down on
    Considered to our families to be a disgrace
Always remain humble, head held high
    With a smile on your face

Don’t let your past mistakes or present situation
    Determine who you are
God said, “Change comes in the morning.”
    And your redemption is here, thus far

Let not our hearts be troubled or
    Our minds filled with empty space
I pray a shield of Protection upon us all
    In Jesus’ name, to be filled by faith and saved by God’s Grace . . . Amen