Behind These Walls
by LaToya Stamper

Murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes
    I can’t even name them all
These are the different types of women I see here
    Behind these walls

We all are here for committing
    Some type of crime
The only thing we all have in common is
    The fact that we’re all serving time

Each of us long for a true companion
    Someone to turn to when all the chips fall
A true friend is rare and few and far between
    Behind these Walls

In a place like this you seem to lose all fame
    The people you once knew on the outside
Somehow seem to have forgotten your name
    You cease to exist to them and their so-called busy lives

All those that called on you, their friendly “Hello” suddenly turned into silent Goodbyes
    What I have to look forward to has resulted to commissary, visits,
              rec, classes, and 15-minute phone calls
While I patiently await the day I’m set free from –
    Behind These Walls