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Allies: Job Description


          NOTE: Ally Training is provided before classes begin. Sign-up link at end of Job Description

          ALLIES MAY BE BEST DESCRIBED as those who come alongside class participants. Rather than one on one interaction as in a mentoring situation, Allies are part of a team effort of support, where learning and interacting offer stability in the education process and, with God’s grace, build relationships that will go the distance after the course is completed, up to a year.*

         Since Allies are most effective serving in their spiritual gifting, some will find their niché within the class setting, and others outside the class setting.

         Within the class setting, Allies act in a team effort, their primary focus to establish trusting, lasting relationships. The team approach can provide an effective context for personal and spiritual growth, relationship support, and in gaining access to social resources.

          Outside the class, there may be special skills or resources the Ally can offer in community, outreach with employment, job training, ministry contacts, financial services, social services, or church connections—even childcare assistance or casual food preps for class time or meetings.

          For example, one Ally, after attending classes, quickly discovered that her best impact was to help the participants outside of class with their resumé. She flourished in that role, opening a perfect platform for relationships to naturally form.

          In weekly collaborations, Allies can share insights, observations, how best to work together, and update anyone who was not present.

         After classes end, Allies can serve by providing speakers for monthly fellowship meetings.

         Overall, Allies will be effective if they maintain a “learn together” attitude towards participants and display a willingness to listen with sincere interest.

(Note: Familiarity with the Step uP Chattanooga™ program’s approach towards the underemployed
and generationally impoverished is found in the book: When Helping Hurts.)

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        1. General Checkpoints

  • Attend Ally Training
  • Maintain confidentiality with all attendees
  • Connect with other allies on a weekly basis
  • Model regular attendance and promptness
  1. Personal Commitment
  • Follower and servant of Christ
  • Faithful church attendee applying biblical principles for experiencing spiritual growth,
  • Two years’ experience in a successful job, managing personal finances, building assets
  • Empathetic but not bent on solving problems or giving directions, free to let God do the transforming
  • Relate humbly and freely with people of different backgrounds, race or socioeconomic status (i.e. poverty) with a high level of respect and sensitivity
  • Be passionate about seeing the unemployed and underemployed grow spiritually/economically
  • Willing to be an advocate for Step uP Chattanooga™ in the church and community
  1.   Working the Teamwork
  • Become comfortable facilitating discussion including role playing 
  • Encourage participants to form their own small ally teams for additional support groups
  • Track participant’s learning, build trust by offering authentic relationship that will go the distance
  • Direct financial help NOT advised
  • In regular contact with participants (during/after course classes) to provide encouragement and accountability in reaching goals
  • Attend and participate in graduation; plan for graduate monthly fellowships for the remainder of the year* 
  1.   Overall Spiritual Growth Basics
  • Recognizing that Christ is the true Reconciler, point participants to Him
  • As a student of the Word, practice and model biblical principles
  • As a follower of Jesus, maintain a vision for His kingdom and the dignity of all work
  • Remember that all need grace, the Ally as well as the participant
  • Pray for participants and spend time with them regularly

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    S. Stephanie Toombs

Allies Training Sign-up

Ready to sign up for Ally Training?
Send an email with your name and telephone # to: 



Step uP Work Life Classes Ally: Cheryl


Being a part of Step uP Chattanooga has shown me that everything in our life, including our work, stems from our relationship with God and how we see ourselves in that relationship. When our identity is in Him, we want to work. Not just a paid job, but also the work that we do in our relationships with others. This includes doing what it takes to be a better parent, a better spouse, a better friend, a better co-worker and boss, plus a better citizen in our communities. Everything good flows out of that relationship with God and the identity we have in Him.
I’m quickly learning that no matter what our status in life or the roads we have traveled if we don’t have that foundation then we are not equipped to do the things that can really nurture people and love them the right way. The course does such a great job in establishing this. When we understand who we are, we can’t help but want to be better at everything, especially, in our work. 

Step uP Silverdale Ally: Kathryn

Hi! I am so excited to be a part of Step Up Chattanooga! I own a medium-sized service business that I started ten years ago as a high schooler. It has since grown to serve 5 cities in two different states.

With the career path that I took, I didn’t see going to school as being that helpful. So I found mentors, studied on my own and managed to learn a lot along the way.
I love teaching the students in the Step Up Silverdale Work Life Classes what bosses are looking for on applications, interviews, and on the job. My goal is to leave them inspired to find a job they feel empowered doing. One for which they have the skills and communication tools to thrive, and which they, as citizens, can work their way up to careers that add value to their community.

Step uP Silverdale Ally: Sharon

Why am I volunteering as an ally for the Step uP Silverdale Work Life participants? I felt this was where God wanted me. I want the women there to know how important they are to me and in God’s eyes. I want them to feel my love and the love of our Heavenly Father.

Over the years, I’ve served in short term missions – building churches and homes. I’ve been a church class leader and teacher. Also involved in Tres Dias and Cleansing Stream ministries, and I have taken a small group to Albania to hold a Ladies Conference.

Celebrating 61 years of marriage with my sweetheart and best friend, I’ve watched our family grow to some 30 loved ones. My prayer is that each one will know Christ and make Heaven their final home.