Latest Step uP Work Life Class Participant’s Evaluations!
    FACILITATOR: S Stephanie Toombs
    1. Class beneficial? In what way?
      Yes. Caused me to consider what keeps me from enjoying work. C.A,
     2. Recommend to others? Why / Why not?
      Yes, gave me a lot of helpful tools, support and encouragement from
     instructor / Allies; increased my confidence. D.C.

     3.  What  did you like (be specific)? Comfort level was kind. S.L.
     4. What didn’t you like (be specific)? Overall class was a blessing. L.R
     5. What would make the class better?  To last 30 minutes longer…time to
     take a lot of notes. T.L.

     6. Other comments / suggestions: This is only the beginning. Can’t wait
     until the financial class starts back up. T.L.

      PARTICIPANT:  Lorna Raymond      CLASS: Work Life  
      FACILITATOR: Toombs
     Summary Evalution: “This has been a blessing to me in all aspects. We
     did not have a chance to do a ‘Mock ‘ Dress for Success. I have learned to
     not “work” in vain but as unto the Lord. The mentors are very supportive
     and encouraged the class to continue to learn and use God as your foundation;
     that’s stands firm when being attacked by curveballs. Overall, I highly
     recommend anyone for class no matter what your background is; there is
     always room for improvement.”

      Latest Step uP Work Life Class Allie’s Comments
      Thomas: “I found it refreshing to walk through life with others in their struggles — to
      encourage them.
I would absolutely recommend this class because it brings growth.
      The sharing is open, encouraging — not condescending. Ms. Toombs did a great job!”

      Sharon: “The class helped me open up and discover mu strengths and weaknesses. I
      would recommend the class as it was informative, warm and friendly. I didn’t like the
      homework, but I realize homework is important. Stephanie Toombs did a great job. I’m
      thankful for her enthusiasm.”  

Graduated with a Master in International Community Development!


Spring 2021 WORK LIFE CLASS: Sharing Life Stories — One class participant has drawn images to represent what she was feeling as each person shared their Life Story. She drew the sketch (below↓) for the Step uP Work Life Class Facilitator.


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What Step uP Second Semester Grads are saying about the Step uP Work Life classes
“I think that the Step uP class was a wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed all the topics we learned and plan to use the information as much as possible in the future. I really enjoyed learning about  God’s story in 4 parts in Unit 1: Building character and skills. I was really thrilled to see how God plays such a major part role in not just our personal life but our work life as well. I really loved learning about how to overcome our roadblocks…also identifying them. Out of all the classes I’ve taken here [SDC], Step uP was the most useful…I was always excited to wake up for class and see Mrs. Stephanie. She was a wonderful teacher.”                 ~Dewi
“[You] have changed my life in ways that touched in the last six months. I have grown to become one with God and He has helped me become a family again. I have developed a love for God. I read every day in my Bible because of the teachers who have shown me that is more to life than darkness. I would like to encourage other people…Thank you all!”            ~Lesley B
“You ladies opened my eyes to the strong woman I am. Helped me with my relationship with the Lord, and how to manage that into work and everyday life.”
“This class was perfect, and benefited me in so many ways – resumes, life, and career-building skills.”
“This class was amazing – bringing us to faith, writing a resume, and learning how to interview.”

“A foundation for life, advice on resumes, positive attitudes, and the importance of quality work.”



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We are humbly grateful to God and to our many supporters for the November 22nd event “Step uP and Overcome.” With approximately 50 Silverdale Detention Center female inmates attending the event as our guests, after speakers, music, and food, several inmates responded to an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

More women stepped forward to express their desire to realign their lives with God’s plans and purposes through repentance and prayer. There were many tears and prayers and loving hugs.

The Step uP & Overcome Event was made possible through the permission of the Silverdale Reentry Director, Wendy Harris, the planning of Step uP Chattanooga Director, Stephanie Toombs, board members, and the allies serving in the Step up Silverdale Work Life Program (see articles below), plus twenty servant-hearted volunteers.


  • Shawanna Kendrick – Main Speaker
  • Stephanie Graham & Susan Moss – Silverdale Baptist Musicians
  • Shan Jones – Worship through Interpretive Dance
  • Mark Habermas, Silverdale Baptist Pastor – Speaker, also providing communion items and sound equipment
  • Hickory Valley Christian  Church & City Church – Donation & Goody-Bag items
  • Individuals Donating for expenses

We are very grateful to the many prayer partners, to the women volunteers attending who were integral in loving and serving and encouraging the inmates: Cheryl Alonge, Sharon Hahn, Betty Mealus, Christina Wilson, Rosemary Moffitt, Lori Wachtel, Olevia Dantzler, Margaret Jones, and Martha Langley.

Also for gentlemen volunteers who did the heavy lifting, set-up, takedown, and serve communion: Darryl Moffitt, Marvin Hahn, Peter Mealus, Don Hopkins, and Joe Toombs.


Second Semester Graduates of the Step uP Silverdale Work Life Classes 11/13/19 are:
          Amanda G. ~  Jessica H.
               Ashley D. ~  Dewi S.
Congratulatons to this incredible group of women in our fall Step uP Silverdale Work Life Class!
Through fourteen sessions our participants remained faithful and engaged since day one. We saw their walk with the Lord as well as their hope to grow, all the while learning to work together as a team, encourage one another, and look forward to their next class.

Step uP Silverdale Ally: Sharon

Why am I volunteering as an ally for the Step uP Silverdale Work Life participants? I felt this was where God wanted me. I want the women there to know how important they are to me and in God’s eyes. I want them to feel my love and the love of our Heavenly Father.

Over the years, I’ve served in short term missions – building churches and homes. I’ve been a church class leader and teacher. Also involved in Tres Dias and Cleansing Stream ministries, and I have taken a small group to Albania to hold a Ladies Conference.

Celebrating 61 years of marriage with my sweetheart and best friend, I’ve watched our family grow to some 30 loved ones. My prayer is that each one will know Christ and make Heaven their final home.

Step uP Silverdale Ally: Kathryn

Hi! I am so excited to be a part of Step Up Chattanooga! I own a medium-sized service business that I started ten years ago as a high schooler. It has since grown to serve 5 cities in two different states.

With the career path that I took, I didn’t see going to school as being that helpful. So I found mentors, studied on my own and managed to learn a lot along the way.
I love teaching the students in the Step Up Silverdale Work Life Classes what bosses are looking for on applications, interviews, and on the job. My goal is to leave them inspired to find a job they feel empowered doing. One for which they have the skills and communication tools to thrive, and which they, as citizens, can work their way up to careers that add value to their community. 

           Step uP Chattanooga’s  Summer Graduates First Graduating Work Life Class


  Silverdale Detention Center         July 2019
Brandi M. – Emi S. –  Kacy S.-Latoya S. -Lulu B. – Shainna F

“Step uP Silverdale” (program title for curriculum taught at Silverdale Detention Center) was blessed with these six participants who bravely ran the gauntlet of some 14 class sessions of the Work Life Curriculum. There were many challenges but fears were overcome with understanding, healing, and hope.
Having already reached ReEntry Program level, the Step uP Silverdale classes prepared these participants from all angles of life and professionalism, allowing them to return to their community, home, and the workplace with newfound insights and the support of new friends.
Now that the participants have become graduates, Step Up will be connecting the allies (mentors) who came alongside during classes to help them access community resources for assistance in:


           Social Services

 Attire for Hire Boutique Showroom

Serving Those Who Need Job Interview Clothing – click  here.)