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What Are Allies?

Without the right tools and a supportive community, it’s nearly impossible to escape the poverty cycle, and that’s where you come in! If we can learn to tap into the world of someone in generational poverty we can become more effective to walk alongside and help in a biblical way. We learn as they learn, and it’s about relationships.

Allies interact directly in the classroom, or as an outside resource assisting with resumes, budgeting, employ-


ment and training opportunities, etc., while building and fostering a rapport with participants, and opening doors within the community. Allies learn to deal with the many issues surrounding broken relationships, a broken system as well as a broken world, and learn to minister in more effective biblical ways - like Jesus would.

The Ally Training Class quickly and easily prepares volunteers to enjoy a rewarding experience.

The Ally Training Class

Training will include learning how to interact with participants to encourage positive results,


For example:


We deal with the concept of encouraging vs. feeling the need to "fix" others' lives. Encouraging allows depending solely on God to work participants' life transformations.


Training also helps allies recognize the differences in socioeconomic groups and cultures,

Training brings understanding of the attitudes and core values beneath the surface plus the key characteristics of an Ally. This, so that as allies we join with participants as mutual learners. We provide encouragement, advocacy, and supportive friendship as s/he strives for economic self-sufficiency.

Relationships are foundational. They are built on the strength that God is at work, reconciling us as His creations in four key relationships―God. Ourselves. Others. And the world. 

Training also emphasizes 'breaking bread' together as meals become one of the ways we can relax and get to know one another. 

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