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A Sincere Heart
There is a particularly vivid memory of a girl in my class who almost always stood first in academics. To motivate the rest of us, the teacher called her to the front of the class and asked how she achieved this. Her response has remained with me since. She stood up and in a quiet voice said, ‘Because the God I worship deserves nothing less!’ My 9th standard brain could not comprehend the gravity of what she said, but nonetheless, that statement was forever etched on my mind.

Once FORBES ran an interesting article called ‘Managing Up,’ on how to look good in front of your boss, making your work visible, creating a good impression, and how to ensure that your work stays in the limelight. This comes as no surprise to us, as this tactic of working only to please the boss is what keeps many going.

.Colossians 3:23 both liberates us as well as captivates our hearts, emphasising our deep responsibility in the marketplace.It gives us immense freedom to know that ‘we work for God’ and not for our superiors/bosses. It means that even in circumstances when our work is not recognised, we still give it our best. Even when our boss is not around to monitor what we are doing, we are still committed to delivering. Are you frustrated because the job you do is not rewarding? Keep at it, because you serve Him through your job.Our work, whatever be our profession, is an act of worship to our Maker. We are called to deliver excellence in all that we do. It is not to please the boss or create a favourable impression or not even for a promotion. Like my classmate put it so simply, ‘It’s because He deserves nothing less.’He has placed us where we are to reflect Him. We represent Him, and it is our responsibility to deliver excellence in everything we do so that we can be good ambassadors for Him.Lord, help me to always remember that I work for You and You deserve nothing but the best from me. Help me to always strive for excellence in all that I do. Amen


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