What’s Happening Now?
Fall – 2021

A Call to Action 


Check out our activities and “in the works” plans. We invite your suggestions, prayers, and help to broadcast opportunities to partner with us or volunteer. We are looking for: Contacts ~ Resources ~Board Members ~ Allies ~ Potential Job Trainers ~ Funding. Please share your expertise. Thank you.

Join us in prayer and fasting, for our world, country, city, for the Lord’s wisdom in our project, and for Christ-followers to join in God’s redemptive plan. To God be the glory.

Heading Level 4

Partnering with Hickory Valley Christian Church, their mission pastors, and a local Celebrate Recovery program, Step uP Chattanooga offers a class from Chalmer’s Center curricula: Faith & Finances. To certify Facilitators and Allies, we trained a class of 14 participants. These trainees, representing our board, Brainerd Baptist, and The Bethlehem Center. Collectively, have experience in prison ministry, education, missions, sales, and ministry. Four individuals were certified to teach. The rest as allies and co-facilitators.

This Fall, Work Life, a faith-based work preparedness curriculum, will be offered by Step uP to The Bethlehem Center. We may also assist them in their Faith & Finances classes as well. One of their staff members and a volunteer are currently training alongside.

Heading Level 4


Since COVID placed a damper on our in-house 14 week Work LIfe program at Silverdale Detention Center last March 11, we will provide Work Life, Faith & Finances, and New Believer’s correspondence classes. This requires not only the cost of the curricula materials, the printing, etc. but also training one on one allies to build relationships with participants. Many allies will need to be trained.


The Community Manager of an inner city-subsidized housing project, also a member of  our Step Up Chattanooga Board, has given diligent search for partnering ministry options.  If you have contacts you would share, please call or email.




Since one of the Work Life graduates has expressed an interest in teaching a forklift training program, we are pursuing that possibility as this is a needed skill and training is hard to find.



Step uP has been pursuing a possible partnership with the GM of a hotel regarding their training program. The hotel chain has 13 affiliates around the city in need of housekeeping and hotel services. Their training program includes these skills and potential for advancement.



We will be presenting our program as a referral/partnership to the Transformation Project group. This is a local faith-based furlough program with a reputable long-serving reputation available for non-violent substance abuse cases. They work statewide, directly with local judges, offering an alternative sentence under strict mandates.


God has been prodding us to sponsor a city-wide prayer in the downtown Chattanooga area. We hope to open that door with a prayer group we have been involved with for several years for both lay leaders and pastors from a variety of denominations.


It has been Step uP Chattanooga’s vision from our humble beginnings over ten years ago to form an alliance of churches, ministries, and organizations that would come together to help the working poor. We believe it is His time, dear friends.