Note: Although our current classes are coming to an end, we are diligently working to create a system of Christ minded, asset-based method ministry connections for a step by step system. Starting with basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing, and bringing in employers. Pray with us as we look at successful systems, and how we can bring them to Chattanooga. It would certainly be more effective if we each worked in our area of expertise, and partnered with those who are expert in their areas. Isn't that the way the Body of Christ works most effectively?

Work Life Classes

The Work Life Curriculum uses biblical principles, proven job-skills training techniques, and engaging adult learning methods to ensure the participants understand and internalize the information.

Work Life also incorporates mentors, called “Allies,” to provide the relational, friendship support that people so need when trying to make big life changes… and this support is offered for continuation throughout the first six months or a year after graduation.

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Faith & Finances

Uniting people from varied backgrounds, Faith & Finances is designed specifically for low-income adults. We help address the challenges people in our city face while helping them rediscover their God-given dignity while exploring money management skills along with biblical stewardship principles.

Participants gain knowledge and understanding which they can use to propel them into the status of a valued employee.

Faith & Finances


Do you know God’s purpose for your money? Come discover it with us through Faith & Finances. Our classes are perfect for people who:

  • Are just starting out learning how to manage money

  • Don’t have a lot of money to spare

  • Desire to overcome financial obstacles

  • Want to save more and pay off debt

Sound like you? Come join us for our 12-week Faith & Finances class as we discover God’s design for our money! Along the way, we will laugh, eat together, and learn from one another.

Work Life 

Wanting to prepare for your future or simply get a step up in your job or field of employment? Join our Work Life program! We’ll eat, laugh, and struggle together as we learn about:

  • God’s design for work and for our lives

  • Roadblocks to employment and how to overcome them

  • Our strengths and abilities

  • Workplace culture, and how to thrive in it

  • How to create a great resume and other tools for landing a great job

Come and consider how you can add value to God’s world through work!

Which program is right for you?
Connections and support

We also collaborate with regional organizations and job sources with the intent to appraise each graduate of a job opportunity and introduce them to available career skills training.

Upon graduation, we have reunions once a month with guest speakers who are community connectors and touch base with the graduates as a group.

We will be providing workshops at Silverdale Detention Center through their Reentry program to entice engagement in our classes outside. The inside programs ended with covid. 

Want to be a part of giving others a step up? Contact us or learn more about becoming a Step uP Ally.