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Education and Resources

To anyone ready to change their course, we can help provide a step up towards a brighter future.

Through education and support, we help women and men find purpose as well as employment and better job opportunities. Some of these services include job training and interview skills, support groups, and more.

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Classes and Trainings

We encourage our participants to join one of our group classes so they can benefit from connections as well as the education they receive at Step uP. 

Some of these classes include job training and interview skills, faith and finance classes, support groups, and more.

Providing a Step uP

Nearly 22% of the community is currently impoverished or underemployed. For some cultural groups or demographics that number can rise to 34%-39%. We aim to change that.


Through our services, our desire is for men and women to gain the skills and information they need to experience lifelong change, impacting not only their future but also their families' futures. 

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