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Education and Resources

We work with churches that not only want to provide their membership and ministry outreach participants an opportunity to succeed in life, but also to learn about the people they serve, and how to have more effective relationships. We learn as they learn.

See Becoming an Ally training here:

​We assist our participants to find purpose, discover and utilize their gifts for advancement, improve

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relationships, and how to break generational poverty. They can find employment and training, discover career paths and employment opportunities as well as practical skills needed for advancement and financial literacy.

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Providing a Step uP

Nearly 22% of the community is currently impoverished or underemployed. For some cultural groups or demographics that number can rise to 34%-39%. We aim to change that.


Through our services, our desire is for men and women to gain the skills and information they need to experience lifelong change, impacting not only their future but also their families' futures. 

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