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How Step uP Changed My Life

It's a joy to be a part of transforming lives like these. We love sharing stories and comments from happy clients - stories that are possible because of our generous supporters and church partners.

"I think that the Step uP class was a wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed all the topics we learned and plan to use the information as much as possible in the future. I really enjoyed learning about God’s story in 4 parts in Unit 1: Building character and skills. I was really thrilled to see how God plays such a major part role in not just our personal life but our work life as well. I really loved learning about how to overcome our roadblocks…also identifying them. Out of all the classes I’ve taken here [SDC], Step uP was the most useful…I was always excited to wake up for class and see Mrs. Stephanie. She was a wonderful teacher.” - Dewi

“[You] have changed my life in ways that touched in the last six months. I have grown to become one with God and He has helped me become a family again. I have developed a love for God. I read every day in my Bible because of the teachers who have shown me that is more to life than darkness. I would like to encourage other people…Thank you all!” - Lesley B

“You ladies opened my eyes to the strong woman I am. Helped me with my relationship with the Lord, and how to manage that into work and everyday life.” - LaToya Stamper

“This class was perfect, and benefited me in so many ways – resumes, life, and career-building skills.” - Anonymous

“This class was amazing – bringing us to faith, writing a resume, and learning how to interview.” - Anonymous

“A foundation for life, advice on resumes, positive attitudes, and the importance of quality work.” - Anonymous

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