S. Stephanie Toombs: Founder – Director



● We have incredible allies and two certified instructors raring to go! So very thankful!

● A productive first of the year board meeting. Thankful for our board members!


Participants for the two Faith and Finances classes we will be offering both at Silverdale St. Elmo and Hickory Valley Christian.

⇒  For a savvy intern to update our website.

⇒  A gentleman in need of some resources who recently came out of prison, and how we can help.

PRAY – Cont’d

⇒  The need is big right now for training, financial education, and employment. Appreciate prayers on how we can partner, and what we can do to answer the call.

⇒  For the Lord’s leading in all we do.


 Catch uP

Our Faith  & Finances class at Silverdale St. Elmo was postponed, and is due to begin on Thursday, February 3.
Hickory Valley Chistian Church will be offering a Faith & Finances class on Wednesday evenings sometime in February. Know of a group or individual who can benefit from this 2 week class? Please contact us by email. 
Stay tuned as we roll out our new website. Coming soon!
We plan to connect with some local colleges to offer internships.