Telling the Step uP Chattanooga Story —


IT HAS BEEN MY JOY to witness Step uP Chattanooga come to life. From the first “What do You want?” God-desire in Stephanie Toombs’ heart, to a working, growing, community entity used for God’s glory

FINDING A FRIENDLY FACE in Stephanie after I had left a 30+ year home in another state, I literally was amazed by her relentless crisscrossing the Chattanooga region and beyond, networking to share and reshare the vision God was sharing with her. (Besides daily morning runs uphill and lifting weights at the “Y”!)

INTERSECTING WITH COUNTLESS  city officials, community leaders, and heads of organizations, including churches and parachurch ministries. AND, all the while volunteering her help to many of those same places in the throes of their everyday functions:


▪︎   Encouraging/Counseling women in transition homes
▪︎  Holding youth job seminars
▪︎  Working with Chattanooga Gang Task Force​​
▪︎  Teaching classes at the “Y”
▪︎  Traveling out of town to learn first-hand what approaches God is using for lasting transformation in individual lives that     impacts the surrounding community
▪︎  Facilitating classes for the generationally impoverished in church, community, detention center, and ministry outreach
▪︎  Creating a “Come to Jesus” event for local reentry inmates
▪︎  Facilitating group training to certify leadership

PLUS ESTABLISHING A MINISTRY BOARD of directors which has evolved into a membership of solid, Christ-loving men and women who offer critical skills, collaborative strategy, and are willing to go past ideation to be personally involved in actual training and teaching and reaching activities. Some helping to fulfill whatever red tape necessities that unfold with paperwork and people-work. 

ALONG WITH ALL THAT—gathering together those God is leading to partner with and invest in Step uP Chattanooga for radical change possibilities. 

To influence significant community change. HOW?
By helping the generationally impoverished or underemployed discover their God-given purpose in work and life. ALONG WITH —
     Engaging in alliance with churches
     Equipping them for better ministry
     Networking community resource organizations
     Matching jobs
     Offering job training and recovery programs
ncouraging the life-change that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I SEE THE BUDGET NEEDS EXPLODING:    _Obtaining physical space
_Certification of additional teachers
_Training of new volunteers
_Curricula for class participants
_Integrating resources from community partners into the lives of the class participants and those being referred to the ministry for help

SO LET ME SUM THIS UP with a personal invitation for you (or someone you know?) to partner in this quest to overturn the grim grip of generational poverty through Christ-centered teaching and outreach —

Thanks for reading the story. I remain Stephanie’s admiring friend and sister in Christ —
                                                     Martha Langley