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Volunteer to Facilitate a Class

FACILITATOR: We need facilitators to lead our classes and co-facilitators to work with our teachers.

All of our facilitators are certified to teach specific classes and we provide that training. Contact us to learn more.

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Volunteer as an Ally

ALLY (Mentorship) - A three-hour training class for becoming an Ally is required. This is"


1) preparation for those who want to attend classes with participants and encourage them as they advance

2) an exceptional training tool for church ministers or leadership individuals to share with their membership. to amplify the work of the church in its constituency and the community. (See "Volunteer as a Church Connector" below, left, to gain further insight.)


Volunteer as a
Church Connecter

Church partnerships are critical to the success and growth of the ministry and we would love to connect with your church for onsite classes! 


We interact with each church to determine the direction for ministry, based on their needs. Classes can be for members or offered as a means of outreach and member recruitment. Also a great discipling. tool


In all this equipping the body of Christ to better understand poverty, and share more ways the Church can show love and support in effective biblical ways.

Contact us about being a Church Connector!

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When you support Step uP Chattanooga, you are helping provide the resources and education men and women need to change the course of their lives for now and generations to come.

Your support helps give job security and financial peace for today and hope for the future. 

We also appreciate being designated your SMILE AMAZON charity recipient.


Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2

Prayer is essential to our ministry. We serve a God of

restoration, healing, and new beginnings. When you

join our prayer team, you can be a part of seeing lives

impacted for now and eternity.

Pray With Us Now?


1) For our Faith & Finance class graduation this Wednesday at Hickory Valley Christian Church. 


2) We have asked you to pray for a Secretary for our board for some time, and humbly request that you pray once more for the Lord to bring an experienced Secretary to our board prior to our Fall classes beginning. 


3) For the employers in Chattanooga having a difficult time finding and keeping employees, and that Step uP can be part of the solution.  


4) Classes beginning in August.


Praise God:

Our new website has received some great feedback, and we are praying that our impact will be greater as more people will be attracted to join our mission.


The participants in our graduating class are wanting to form a small group at Hickory Valley Christian Church. What a great means to follow up!


Speaking of Hickory Valley we are so thankful that they basically adopted our ministry. Not only have they given us a home, classroom space, and needs provided, but have also involved their church members.


We are working together with a group of like-minded individuals representing different ministries that we have been involved with in the past, and want to join efforts to be more effective. The Lord is drawing us together, and we continue to meet to develop a better systemic platform for the many needs of our participants.

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