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Facilitator Evaluation &
    Class Testimonies

 Work Life Facilitator Evaluation
How Step uP Changed my Life

When the Work Life curriculum was first presented in 2016 I knew it was the one our organization was in need of. There just isn’t another curriculum as comprehensive to facilitate both the biblical concepts to move on in life for those in generational poverty, while also having the practical concepts for the body of Christ to understand, minister, and interact more. It is implosive, and it works.

I so delight in seeing the beaming faces of our participants when they realize first, that they have God-
given gifts, and that they can be used for a possible career. The allies in the class begin relationships with the participants, and the obstacles are addressed while encouraging them to work through them in particular ways. We walk through life together, learn from each other, and set the parameters of moving forward before them on an individual basis. Work is good. It’s a concept that must be addressed especially today. If we can help our participants to recognize that life can be better, and give them a hope for a better future while introducing or strengthening their relationship with Jesus

we all learn that life is good.

Stephanie Toombs
Work Life Facilitator
July 4, 2023

     New in Chattanooga, hoping to find ministry-minded women, when Stephanie Toombs accepted my request to lunch together, it proved the beginning of a long-term friendship. I found her intelligent, resourceful, and devotedly involved in helping others.

     When Stephanie first shared her zeal for beginning a ministry, I listened. Then I watched her amazing grit to hone her vision. She networked with city fathers, non-profit, ministry, and church leaders, plus potential come-along-side partners. Her ideas and plans were applauded by all. And Step uP Chattanooga was born.

     Stephanie has since made daily efforts to rally her community to encourage and embolden change. Step uP offers a way out for those seeking to break free of dependence on handouts which, in the end, offer only temporary fixes and a soon return to purposeless and demoralizing lifestyles. But for those willing to learn how to work and live smart, maintaining consistency in developing godly character, everything is now in place for them, thanks to Stephanie. I am honored to know her and be called her friend. ~ Martha A Langley ~ Former Board Member

First a Personal Note: It's a joy to be a part of transforming lives like these. We love sharing stories and comments from happy clients - stories that are possible because of our generous supporters and church partners. ~ S, S, Toombs



    "I think that the Step uP class was a wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed all the topics we learned and plan to use the information as much as possible in the future. I really enjoyed learning about God’s story in four parts in Unit 1: Building Character and Skills. I was really thrilled to see how God plays such a major part role in not just our personal life but our work life as well. I really loved learning about how to overcome our roadblocks . . . also identifying them. Out of all the classes I’ve taken here [SDC*], Step uP was the most useful . . . I was always excited to wake up for class and see Mrs. Stephanie. She was a wonderful teacher.” - Dewi - *Silverdale Detention Center


     “[You] have changed my life in ways that touched in the last six months. I have grown to become one with God and He has helped me become a family again. I have developed a love for God. I read every day in my Bible because of the teachers who have shown me that is more to life than darkness. I would like to encourage other people . . . Thank you all!” - Lesley B - SDC

     “You ladies opened my eyes to the strong woman I am. Helped me with my relationship with the Lord, and how to manage that into work and everyday life.” - LaToya - SDC


     “This class was perfect, and benefited me in so many ways – resumés, life, and career-building skills.” - Anonymous - SDC


     “This class was amazing – bringing us to faith, writing a resumé, and learning how to interview.” - Anonymous - SDC


     “A foundation for life, advice on resumés, positive attitudes, and the importance of quality work.” - Anonymous - SDC

                 Work Life Class
           Student Testimonies

Testimonial for S.Stephanie Toombs ~
Step uP Founder/Director ~ Curriculum Facilitator

     At first, I was skeptical of how much this class would actually benefit me when it was suggested by a friend. I didn't think there would be too much for me to gain since I already have a degree and a lot of work experience. What I didn't know I needed though, was the support system that I gained through this ministry. I learned the basics of how God intended our work to look like and a new perspective on how to contribute to His kingdom through my work efforts. Most of all the feeling of being in a "safe place," with people who truly showed care and concern for me, allowed me to overcome some past job trauma that I didn't know was affecting me so deeply! The Allies in this group are definitely humble servants who are God sent! I have no regrets about taking this class and I will definitely be grateful for my experience with Step uP Chattanooga.


     I found the teaching style and methods as well as the written materials and handouts were very good. By teaching me the skills I needed to conduct myself in a professional manner I know I can be more successful in job interviews. I can also use the tools given me to get and keep a job.


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