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Class End Report

Faith & Finances

Facilitator: Dutch Fayard

I found the experience very informative and valuable. The class started small and finished with just 2 participants. Below are some of my reflections regarding the class:


I was very happy with the curriculum

·         The curriculum offers solid financial guidance

·         The curriculum offers a solid underlying aspect of faith associated with the finances

·         The lessons are presented in an effective order and with good continuity between lessons.

·         Good design to incorporate class participation


 With regards to the class this semester, it was a bit tumultuous.  

·         There was low turnout despite advertising for several months.

·         I learned that location matters!

Ally attendance and participation were fantastic and a highlight of my experience!

·         The mealtime fellowship is a valuable component of the class. I am thankful to Silverdale for their support in scheduling and providing the meals.

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