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Ally Testimonies

Step uP Chattanooga Ally: Pam Richman

     I participated as an Ally on a Faith & Finances team sponsored by Silverdale Baptist Church.  If you know somebody who has gone through some unusual events that have impacted their family finances, this is the perfect financial group to attend. Losing a job, unexpected medical bills, or even an unplanned addition to your family can put stressors on the needs of the whole family.  


     As an Ally, the relational dimension of this program allowed the whole team to bond and creatively share ideas on how to manage spending when income does not always cover the basic needs of the family. The facilitator, Dutch Fayard, was excellent in building relational exercises that helped to build financial solutions. The Faith & Finances curriculum is uniquely designed for families that need help just to stretch their budget dollars more wisely.

Step uP Chattanooga Ally: Debbie Hannah

     I was blessed to have served as an Ally in both the Faith & Finances and Work Life classes. It was an opportunity to work side by side with other participants and to learn God’s intentions for us from the preparation of a monthly budget to securing a career that utilizes the talents we were given.

    Don Hopkins and Stephanie Toombs have a true passion to love and help others see their unique potential. Their love for the Lord was evident through their knowledge and application of this subject matter.

My name is Cheryl Alonge. I was a Work Life Ally at Silverdale Detention Center. During my time in this position, I learned not to judge a book by its cover. I also learned that all people have great potential when placed in the right environment. The environment we tried to create for the inmates was one of love, respect, acceptance, and encouragement.


     Through God’s word, we were able to help them see that they were of great value and that working at any job and doing it as God designed could change their lives and their relationships for generations to come. They learned that their cycles of poverty and instability could be broken, while also giving them tools for better relationships within their own families and their work life. What a blessing it is to see their faces light up with hope and that the possibilities of a better life could be just around the corner.

Silverdale Detention Center Ally: Sharon

     Why am I volunteering as an ally for the Step uP Silverdale Work Life participants? I felt this was where God wanted me. I want the women there to know how important they are to me and in God’s eyes. I want them to feel my love and the love of our Heavenly Father.


     Over the years, I’ve served in short-term missions – building churches and homes. I’ve been a church class leader and teacher. Also involved in Tres Dias and Cleansing Stream ministries, I have taken a small group to Albania to hold a Ladies Conference.


     Celebrating 61 years of marriage with my sweetheart and best friend, I’ve watched our family grow to some 30 loved ones. My prayer is that each one will know Christ and make Heaven their final home.

Silverdale Detention Center Ally: Kathryn

     Hi! I am so excited to be a part of Step Up Chattanooga! I own a medium-sized service business that I started ten years ago as a high schooler. It has since grown to serve 5 cities in two different states.

With the career path that I took, I didn’t see going to school as being that helpful. So I found mentors, studied on my own and managed to learn a lot along the way.


     I love teaching the students in the Step Up Silverdale Work Life Classes what bosses are looking for on applications, interviews, and on the job. My goal is to leave them inspired to find a job they feel empowered doing. One for which they have the skills and communication tools to thrive, and which they, as citizens, can work their way up to careers that add value to their community.

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